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Complete Automated Screen Printing Shop Package

Ranar has the expertise and screen printing equipment choices to help you upgrade your successful business silk screening t-shirt, garments, textiles. With this complete fully automatic high production shop package, you can easily produce over 400 pcs per hour. You will have an advantage over the competition with this shop package and take your business to a new level with larger jobs and the ability to offer faster turnaround times. We offer one-stop shopping and competitive pricing to increase your production and your profits. With Ranar, you are never alone! We have been in business for over 40 years offer lifetime technical support, class training, and supplies.

High Production Automatic Screen Printing Equipment, Machines

  • The Automatic Screen Printing Equipment shop package includes: The Workhorse Products entry level, Freedom 6 color 8 station pneumatic Automatic Screen Printing Press. Offering consistent squeegee pressure and angle to achieve high speed cycle times for maximum production rates. Purchase includes 2 day on-site installation and training for the press.
  • Red Star D-630-3 12 ft Conveyor Dryer which has 6’ feet of oven with infrared heat, and 36’’ wide belt, to cure over 400 tee shirts per hour using plastisol screen printing ink.
  • XPO-2848 Screen Exposure Unit XL to create oversized designs on screens from film positives.
  • Economy Washout Booth/Sink with backlighting to wash out images, and reclaim them.
  • E-6600 six colors six station manual Screen Printing Press, No need to set up the automatic machine to do samples or small or multiple jobs at the same time.
  • D-1820 Flash Cure for the manual press.
  • Silk Screening Supplies Starter Package

Options: Flash back flash cure for the automatic press, Compressor / Chiller, Jet / Air Dryer for water based inks, Metal Halide Exposure Unit

If you are that small silk screening shop taking on larger orders and looking to make that move. All of these machines have a small footprint but produce big results with profits. We offer more screen printing machines in our shop packages at affordable prices than our competitors.

Note: Customer is responsible for setting up all equipment-shirt dryer, washout sink, manual press, electrical, air lines, etc other than the auto-press.

Pro-Silk Screening Supplies Package includes

6- aluminum screen frames 23x31, 6-gallon of plastisol screen printing ink, 6-manual press squeegees, 1-pkg 100 test pellons each black & white, 1-franmar start set of eco friendly chemicals, 1-pkg of 100 11x 17 ink jet film, 1-gallon photopolymer emulsion, 1-aluminum scoop coater, 1-qt block out, 6-can spray adhesive, 2-cans screen opener, 6- ink scoops, 1- temp gun, Train book/DVD set on how to screen print t-shirts.

Production rate up to 500+ garments per hour

1. 6 Color 8 Station Press

2. D-630-3 RedStar Dryer

3. Washout Booth KDL

4. E6600 Elite Printer

5. D-1820 Flash Curing Unit

6. Silk Screening Supplies Starter Package

7. XPO-2848 Screen Exposure Units

6 Color /8 Station Press D-630-3 RedStar Dryer
E6600 D-1820 Flash Curing Unit
Washout Booth KDL XPO-2848

Package Price$37,380.00*
Flash Back+3525.00
Jet Air Dryer DT-633-3+2100.00
Metal Halide Exposure+2495.00
*Shipping & Crating not included