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Silk screening equipment

By far, this is our most popular silk screening equipment package when space is limited. This package includes a vacuum exposure unit, XPO2426, a Vista 6100 manual screen printing press (upgradable to 4 or 6 stations), D162 flash dryer, and a DX200 silk screen dryer. This package uses a vacuum and black lights to expose screens with fine detail such as half-tones or four-color process designs. Print up to 6 colors perfectly registered and cure t-shirts with an infrared conveyor dryer for small production runs. To complete your package, a set of silk screening supplies, lifetime technical support and instructional material such as DVD's, hand booklets and brochures.

Home business opportunity

As a home business you can earn a second income, live the American dream, be self-employed, run your own business. Sports teams, small businesses, and non-profit organizations can all benefit from screen printing promotional; items such as t-shirts, jackets, signs, as well as many other novelties are silk screened.

Home cash business - screen printing package

If you are considering home cash business screen printing package, or the entrepreneur complete screenprinting package, or the advanced screenprinting startup package, consider instead the versatility and value of the affordable Ranar packages. We offer superior quality, a more complete silk screening package. It is outstanding in performance and upgradability and comes with Ranar's lifetime support.

Production rate up to 120 garments per hour with DX-200 Dryer

1. V6100 6 Color 1 Station Printer

2. D-162 Flash Cure Unit

3. DX-200 Conveyor Dryer

4. XPO-2426 Vacuum Exposure Unit

5. Cruiser Supplies Package

  • 1 Gal White Ink
  • 1 Gal Black Ink
  • 1 Qt Blue Ink
  • 1 Qt Red Ink
  • 1 Qt Green Ink
  • 1 Qt Yellow Ink
  • 1 Gal Emulsion
  • 1 Franmar Starter Kit
  • 10 Aluminum Screens
  • 4 Squeegees
  • 6 Ink Scoops
  • 1 Scoop Coater
  • 1 Pkg Test Pellons
  • 1 Pkg 8.5 x 11 Imaging Film
  • 2 Cans Spray Adhesive
  • 1 Screen Opener
  • 1 Screen Tape
  • 1 Temperature Gun
  • 1 Training Book / DVD Set

V6100 6 Color 1 Station

D-162 Flash Cure Unit

DX-200 Conveyor Dryer

XPO-2426 Vacuum
Exposure Unit

Cruiser Supplies Package

Package Price$6,450.00*
Option #1 (4 Station Rotary Upgrade)Add: $900.00
Option #2 Film Output SystemAdd: $969.50
Option #3 Econo Washout BoothAdd: $395.00
*Shipping & Crating not included