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The XPO-VP-Pro Series LED Screen Exposures units are designed for a high production screen printing dark room/prepress. Make outstanding screen images in half the time using latest cutting edge LED light technology. Our LED diode lights have the highest nanometers of ultraviolet light available. Led diode lights simulate the exposure speed of a metal halide light source without issues of heat and cool down time between exposures. Led lights can last up to 50k hours, which lowers matainance and energy costs. Burn crisp clean screen images ultra fast in as little as 10 seconds with the finest detail. The VP-Pro Series exposure units have a powerful yet quite vacuum pump that sucks down the neoprene vacuum blanket. This makes positive contact with the screen mesh and film transparency to the glass. Positive contact is important in the making of sharp clean screen printing stencils. Yellow LED safe lights are available with a flip of a switch for viewing or positioning art work or films prior to exposing screens. To monitor the exposure and vacuum process, we have integrated a touch screen control that allows you to set the vacuum blanket draw down time and the exposure light time. Once the exposure is complete you have a release valve timed into program to dump the vacuum so you can open the gas shock assisted vacuum frame and remove your burned screen stencil.

Vacuum Pump models:

XPO-2331-LED-VP, screen frame capacity (1) 20x24 or (1) 23x31 inches
XPO-2848-LED-VP, LR. screen frame capacity (2) 20x24 or (1) 23x31 or (1) 28x48 inches
XPO-4048-LED-VP, XL. screen frame capacity (1) 40x48 (2) 23x31


  • Ultra Fast exposure times
  • Replicates Metal Halide bulb exposure times
  • Consistent exposure results
  • High output ultraviolet LED lights
  • Yellow UV safe LED lights
  • Vacuum pump quite long life
  • LCD Touch screen controls-program exposure & vacuum times
  • Gas shock assisted vacuum frame
  • Neoprene fabric reinforced rubber blanket
  • Energy efficient
  • Long lasting bulb life 50k Hrs.
  • Automatic vacuum release
  • No cool down between exposures