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Conveyor Dryers

Models range from small entry level t-shirt dryers to professional high production drying tunnels, as well as large advanced digitally controlled commercial process heating conveyor dryers. Some models are configured with an electric radiant Infrared heater, to cure plastisol screen printing ink. Others use the combination of infrared heat and hot jet air recirculation to scrub the ink surface which creates convection heat to dry water based, discharge textile silk screen, and digitally (DGT) printed inks. Ranar dryers are efficient and rapidly cure (or dry) any ink screen printed onto substrates such as t-shirts, garments, textiles, plastic, ceramic, glass, paper, electronic parts, and pad printed products.

The DX Series are small table top or floor model conveyor dryers designed to cure screen printed inks on t-shirts, garments, bags, and advertisement specialty items.

DX-200 Scamp Dryer. Small conveyor dryer.

The DP series dryers are efficient which minimizes production time all while using lower power consumption.  The combination of direct radiant heat with passive air  thru the infrared panel onto the part provides hot air that insures curing of pad print inks and coating processes.



The CureStar Infrared Conveyor Dryer, is the most affordable and economical 8'ft dryer in the screen printing market

CureStar Conveyor Oven

The RedStar series infrared conveyor dryers are designed and manufactured for screen printing industry, but have a wide range of industrial drying and curing applications.

RedStar Conveyor Oven

The Turbo JetStar series dryer combines Infrared heating and a jet-air re-circulation system with dampened powered exhaust to control the precise amount of air exiting the dryer. 

Turbo JetStar Infrared Conveyor dryer.
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