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We are currently not in production with our printer lines. 

We will begin producing these lines as soon as possible

Entry Level Multi Station
Bench Top Press Series

  • Compression Spring with finger tip adjustment for different weight silk screen frames are safe and long lasting. No need add springs or move the mounting locations not to mention springs that stretch brake with the danger of flying at the operator. Or hassle gas shocks that lose pressure.

  • Steel key & precision roller bearings holds perfect registration from color to color no nylon bolts to wear out or constant adjusting in the middle of screen printing shirts.

  • Quick Off Contact adjustment lift arm stop allows the screen to be moved away from the printing surface. Ideal for under base printing or stickers, decals, and signs. Leaves a crisp print.

  • Screen Angle /Tilt adjustment allow the screen to be leveled to the shirt board.

  • Wrap Screen Adjustments to level uneven screens and off contact

  • Heavy Duty Screen Clamp holds the screen frame in place up to 31'' inches wide

  • Center Roller Bearings for smooth rotation of colors and stations

  • Standard Platen Size 14"x16"
    Maximum Screen Size: 31" wide

  • Ships UPS in boxes, assembly required

  • Micro Registration Lift Heads

  • Vacuum Platen System  (P-110)

  • Cap Printing

  • Jacket Clamps

  • Number Printing Attachements

  • Additional color and stations can be added to some models


4 Color / 4 Station Floor Model

Starting at



4 Color / 1 Station Bench Top


Starting at



4 Color / 4 Station Bench Top


Starting at



2 Color / 1 Station Bench Top


Starting at



4 Color / 2 Station Bench Top


Starting at



1 Color / 1 Station Bench Top


Starting at




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Ranar has many entry level screen printing presses for beginners.  Ranging from presses that mount on a table or bench top to small simple floor models. These are great starter presses for home business printing, or if you're looking for fun hobby to learn the silk screen printing process. Silk Screening directly on to garments is the most efficient low cost effective means to produce images or designs on many different products or substrates at a fraction of the initial investment cost using very inexpensive ink jet systems. All of our compact table top economy t-shirt printing presses can be easily set up to print tag less labels on t-shirts, or tote bags, posters, textile, cozies, athletic products, hats, black shirts and nylon jackets.

P-4400 Ranar Pony screen pringint press

The Pony Series of screen printing equipment is designed for entry level production and is the perfect fit for any small business. This series offers versatile, multi-station floor models that are designed with durability and efficiency in mind. The Pony series is a great choice for those looking to start up their own screen printing business. With its heavy duty construction and easy to use features, the Pony series is the ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and efficient entry level screen printing machine.  The presses are built for long term use while keeping it simple and inexpensive.

At Ranar, we specialize in manufacturing and providing a wide variety of bench top presses for textile printing. We strive to provide our customers with the best quality products that are reliable and dependable. Our presses are designed to meet the highest standards of performance and safety, and are built to last.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, our bench top presses have something for everyone. Whether you need to print t-shirts, fabric, paper, or anything else, you can count on Ranar to provide the best solution.


If you're just starting out silk screening t-shirts and looking for a inexpensive very well made screen printing press the Ranar multi station and bench top screen printing presses are perfect choice.  These presses offer many features such as, roller bearing rotation of the shirt boards and colors, adjustable spring tension, roller bearing and steel key for perfect registration, off contact screen height, and screen angle adjustments and is made in the USA.


It's Perfect for home business screen printing bright colors on darks t-shirts, bags, and textiles.  These printing presses are non micro, but micro adjust heads can be added at time of purchase. Easy setup and operation, and is compatible with all Ranar accessories and attachments.  Most models allow you to add on colors or stations.  Allowing your press to grow as your needs grow.

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