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Flash Dryers

Infrared flash dryers are used to flash cure screen printed ink on t-shirts, garments, and textiles. The most common use for a flash cure is to cure plastisol ink on dark t-shirt or textile, then spot cure the ink so as to gel the plastisol and apply a second layer of the same color. This makes the color have more opacity and no bleed thru of the garment color. We manufacture many models from the entry level flash dryer to high production, high wattage commercial flash cures with a wide range of sizes and wattages.


Our infrared flash curing unit is the perfect addition to any commercial or home based screen printing shop. It uses medium wave infrared technology to quickly and effectively cure inks, making it a great choice for high-volume production. The adjustable temperature settings offer precise control of the curing process for perfect results every time. With its industrial-grade construction and intuitive design, the infrared flash curing unit is a reliable and efficient way to speed up your production process.


This infrared air flash curing unit is an efficient and powerful tool for all your screen printing needs. It's equipped with an adjustable air flow and an adjustable heating system, allowing it to quickly dry and cure inks of various thickness and viscosity. Its robust design and high-grade components make it a reliable and durable piece of equipment, delivering consistent results with every use. This unit is easy to operate and maintain, and is a great addition to any screen printing shop.

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