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We are currently not in production with this item.

We will begin producing these lines as soon as possible

Metal Halide

  • Dual Spectrum Lite Source

  • Rapid Exposure Times

  • Shutter System ensures

  • Longer Bulb life

  • Expose Large Screens

  • Expose High Density Film

  • Easy to replace Bulb


Metal Halide Vacuum Exposure Unit


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TThis screen printing exposure unit is designed for high production screen making. The Photo Sharps Performance is unmatched, and features include 25" x 36"(screen cap.), 1000-watt metal Halide single point shuttered light source, digital controls, and a powerful vacuum hold down. These enhanced features make for very fast exposure times and the highest quality screen image resolution available. Great for Diazo, pure photopolymer sensitized emulsions as well as capillary film used in the textile, graphics, and t-shirt printing industry.

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