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Designed for the Pad-Printing industry, the DP1076 conveyor dryer provides excellent curing or drying of pad printing inks and two-part epoxy ink with hardeners. The combination of infrared radiant heat and air passing through the panel onto the parts minimizes production times, and accelerates ink drying. Pad printed parts can be easily handled after exiting the heating chamber.

Drying Tunnel Specifications

The Ranar pad printing dryer model DP-1076 measures 17" wide and 76" long. The conveyor height is 33" and has a heat resistant Teflon coated fiberglass mesh belt 13 inches wide, with a variable speed control 0-12 fpm, 2” casters and an exit chute. The 28 inch long insulated drying tunnel has an 1800-watts infrared heating element measuring 6" x 24" with rheostat control and 200 CFM of airflow; temperature reaches 275° F. The heater height adjusts up to 7 inches high, and comes with gates at entrance and exit. The in-feed is 20" and out-feed is 28". All parts are powder coated in high gloss white finish.

Dryer Options:

Conveyor Belts:
Teflon, Silicone, or direct drive stainless steel wire mesh.

Heat Control:
Solid state digital control with thermal couple

Cooling unit:
Blower to cool products exiting unit.

Dual heater panels:
(2) 6x24 inch panels 1800 watts each or additional tunnel length.

Leg Adjustment:
Conveyor height adjusts from 31" to 44"

Pad Printing Applications

Small efficient economical design is perfect for plastic decorators or industrial manufacturers setting up multiple pad printing or production lines in the automotive, sun glass or eye wear, ad-specialty, electronics, medical, plastic injection molded parts, and power tool industries.

Medical & food Grade Conveyor Drying Machine

The model DP-1076M, is our 120-volt medical and food grade compliant conveyor drying machine, it features the same specifications as our popular DP-1076 and adds a stainless steel conveyor deck and chute, and a food grade Teflon coated fiberglass small mesh belt. Stainless steel metal clad interior and stainless steel 1900-watt heating element and 100 CFM of convection heat equates to 140ºF degrees air temperature. Higher wattages, and voltages are available. Please contact us Exterior finish is powder coated high gloss white. Perfect to process medical devices or for heat shrinking.

Infrared and Hot Air Process Drying Tunnel

When products require higher infrared temperature the DP2076 infrared and hot air process drying tunnel has the same dimensions & features as DP-1076 but configured differently, and available in 220 volts. The unit has a stainless steel conveyor deck with Teflon fiberglass conveyor belt has height adjustment from 31" to 44" on 3.0 casters. The heating tunnel has two 3600 watts, 6" x 24" infrared heaters, and is controlled by a digital microprocessor control with a thermal couple feedback for accurate temperature control.100 CFM of hot air circulation for even heat distribution. The in-feed is 28 inches and out-feed is 20.

Optional: Stainless steel wire belts can be purchased for any dryer.

Plasma, Corona Flame Treating Conveyors

Ranar manufactures flame-treating conveyors for the pad printing and industrial applications. Corona or plasma flame treating of the plastic surface is needed so inks will adhere properly. Belt speeds up to 120 feet per minute, and stainless steel wire mesh belt, powered exhaust, and perforated steel flame cage are standard. Flame treaters can be provided at an additional cost.

We can manufacture custom conveyor dryers to meet any heating, curing application.