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Welcome to our new website

This has been a side project, one of several, that we finally believe the site has progress enough to go live. We understand there will be much to address; such as function, picture, spelling, grammar, etc. that will need to be addressed. We have multiple ideals and features we want to implant on our website and with our company.

Please feel free to give us feedback or recommendation both for the new website and your overall experience with the new Ranar. Without our customers we will not exist as a company. Please be understanding with our team as we are growing and learning. We apologies if we slip up or if we fall behind, which sadly we have made some. Know that we are working hard on processes and staffing to help address any problems. We care about our customers and their experience with us. We are in the process setting up a system to ensure all of our customers receive great customer service and timely delivery of their orders. We are learning and adapting every day.

We appreciate your choosing to do business with us. We look forward to growing Ranar with our customers, both new and with our Ranar veterans.


Just click on the picture below to load some of Ranar pervious version of Ranar website provide by the Wayback Machine. I look for as many major changes I could find archive. If you know another year or even an older one let us know in comments below.

Which version did you use first?

  • 0%1996

  • 0%2000

  • 0%2005

  • 0%2007

The latest version before the update

Website from 2007

Website form 2005

Website from 2000

Website from 1996

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