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Get to Know Us

Ranar was establish in 1971 as a manufacturer of screen printing equipment in Southern California. We sell quality and affordable silk screening machines for the t-shirt, textile, and garment printing industry.  We produce presses, conveyor oven, and exposure units along with other much need equipment used in the screen printing industries. Adapting our equipment to our customer needs or as technology improved.  After more than 40 years, Ranar moved its manufacturing operations to Missouri. We remain committed to long-term growth while offering the highest quality products, now coming to you from the US Heartland.

Although this may be a short-term inconvenience, we expect our customers will benefit from the continued high quality, competitive pricing, favorable lead times, and friendly service that you have come to expect from the Ranar brand.  You can continue calling 310-414-4122 for all Ranar products and service.

Thank you for your business and understanding during this period of transition.  We look forward to completing the process and being able to supply and support both our current customer along with our new customer to join the Ranar Family.

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