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Infrared Flash Dryers

Infrared flash dryers units are used to flash cure screen printed ink on t-shirts, garments and textiles. The most common use for a flash cure is to silk screen plastisol ink on dark t-shirt or textile, then spot cure the ink so as to gel the plastisol and apply a second layer of the same color. This makes the color have more opacity and no bleed thru of the garment color. We manufacture many models from the entry level flash dryer to high production, high wattage commercial flash cures with a wide range of sizes and wattages.

Flash dryer for final curing

For a home hobbyist or someone just starting with small production of t-shirts, a flash cure can be a cost effective finial curing solution. Our rotary platen option can speed up your final curing by rotating t-shirts on two platens under the heating panel.

  • Energy efficient
  • Even heating
  • Highest watt per inch density
  • No hot and cold spot
  • Solid state controls
  • 360 rotation
  • Casters
  • Height adjustment

IR. Flash Cure Models

D162-16x16 no controls
D160-16x16 w/solid state controls
D1822-18x20 no controls
D1820-18x20 w/solid state controls
D1824-18x24 w/solid state controls
D2020-20x20 w/solid state controls
D2424-24x24 w/solid state controls
D2436-24x36 Digital controls

Energy Efficient Infrared Heating Element.

All Ranar screen printing flash cure units are energy efficient by design, and have the highest watt density per square inch. Our infrared heater panels are manufactured to give you even heat distribution. No hot and cold spots here. Our infrared flash dryer heating elements are molded into wide surface quartz panel backed with 1.0 high density insulation. The heater box is then packed with 3 inches of high temperature fiber glass insulation that directs 90% of the energy to the garment.

Roll-In flash Dryer Stand

Rolling flash dryer stands are available for our entire flash dryer line, perfect for automatic or manual presses