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Automated Screen Printing Equipment Package

Automatic t-shirt printing complete shop package has all the screen printing equipment needed to start a successful business from the ground up. The package is centered around the automatic screen printing press, the freedom express, from workhorse products. This machine can produce 6 color screen printed designs at 300 plus garments per hour. We have the Ranar Elite Pro-Series 6 color 6 station manual textile printing press with D-1820 flash cure unit to compliment the package to handle small to medium runs, and to sample printing. To handle the high output of screen print t-shirts from both presses the Ranar D-630-3 infrared conveyor belt dryer 36 inch by 12 ft can handle over 500 pcs per hr. For the dark room, we have the Xpo-2848 large screen exposure unit to make your screen stencils. To make rinsing and reclaiming screen stencil emulsions easy, a washout sink with back lighting, which is beneficial when developing screen images, is included. We have put together a screen printing supplies package to round out the entire kit. Instructional DVD set included from Scott Fresner on how to print for fun and profit.

We have included crating, setup and training (2 days) for the automatic screen printing press to get you started on the right foot. The optional flashback flash curing system can be added and is beneficial as you won’t lose a color as with other automatic presses.


  • #1- Flashback spot curing system no color loss system from workhorse products.
  • #2- Led Xpo-2848 Screen Exposure Unit with ultra fast cutting edge UV. led lights.
  • #3- DT-633-3 Turbo Jetstar Hot Air Conveyor Dryer to cure plastisol and waterbased screen printing inks.