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DX-300 Compact Screen Printing Conveyor Dryer

The DX-300 is a small compact floor model conveyor dryer with a large 18 inch wide IR heater to cure large screen printed designs on t-shirts. The heater has solid state control to maintain stable temperature and has height adjustments. Cure screen printed t-shirts, garments, or bags up to 125 pieces per hour, one time thru the oven tunnel. The 18 inch wide conveyor belt has a speed control to regulate belt speed. We have 18 x 20 inch infrared heater panel with 2314 watts of even heat and operates on 120 volts. The overall width of this conveyor is 24 inches wide and 5 ft long. This conveyor dryer would make sample printing clothing line or small production runs a snap.

Options :

voltages120/220 or Euro voltage
  • 220 Volts 3200 watts
  • Wheels /casters