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The most affordable of the Econo Washout Booths manufactured by RANAR Mfg. Great starter sink for the home t-shirt printing business; this washout sink makes post-exposure screen stencil wash out easy. Ideal for degreasing, washing out emulsion or film and recycling screens for reuse.

Made of galvanized steel. The unit comes complete with metal top, perforated drain and a deep trough, which minimizes back splash.

Unit dimensions: 32" w x 24" d x 63" h
Ship dimensions: 38" w x 24" d x 13" h
Weight: 92 lbs. Ships UPS


Manufactured for a small screen printing business, this washout sink makes screen wash out easy. Ideal for degreasing, washing out screen images and the reclaiming screens.

Made of long lasting galvanized steel with a transparent acrylic back, which allows for easy inspecting of screens for pinholes, unexposed emulsion or residue. The unit comes complete with metal top, perforated drain, a deep sink trough which minimizes back splash and an air activated foot switch for the (2) 110v florescent viewing lights for safety. Perfect and essential for any pre-press screen room in any silk screening shop.

Unit dimensions: 32"w x 24"d x 63"h
Ship dimensions: 38"w x 24"d x 13"h
Weight: 95 lbs. Ships UPS


Created specifically for the commercial high production screen printer that uses oversized or multiple screen frames at a time. The Econo XL Washout Booth is capable of handling automatic screen frames up to 40" x 46".

Built from the frame of the popular Econo Washout Booth this washout sink makes washing out large, extra large and over sized textile printing frames easy. Made of galvanized steel, the unit comes complete with a metal top, transparent plastic back, perforated drain and a deep trough, which minimizes back splash.

Unit dimensions: 48"w x 30d" x 69"h
Ship dimensions: 52"w x 10"d x 49"h
Weight: Approx. 150 lbs. Ships LTL


The only thing better than an oversized Washout booth, sink capable of handling screens up to 40" x 46" is one with two mounted back-lights that allow for easy screen inspection and reclaiming, operates by air foot switch for an added level of safety.

Manufactured for the graphics & garment printing industry to easily wash out designs after exposure. Made of galvanized steel for durability with a transparent acrylic back to allow easy viewing of screens. Complete with metal top, perforated drain and a deep trough which minimizes back splash.

Unit dimensions: 48"w x 30d" x 69"h
Ship dimensions: 52"w x 10"d x 49"h
Weight: Approx. 150 lbs. Ships LTL


Blackline's KDL UPS-shippable washout booth. Full size a made of ¼ inch, semi-transparent natural propylene plastic, the KDL is strong, durable and built to give you years of service. It will accommodate up to a 23 x 31 inch screen and comes with screen supports and a perforated drain. And because the KDL is semi-transparent, the customer can easily add backlighting if desired.

So if you're looking for an entry-level washout booth that will grow with your business, Blackline's KD series of sinks are the perfect fit.

Weight: 58 lbs. Ships UPS


The KD-XL is the big brother of the KDL and employs the same innovative Knock-Down system that allows them both to be disassembled and shipped via UPS ground in one box.

Wish an extra four inches in with and five inches in height, the KD-XL provides additional room for screens up to 23 x 31 inches in size. And like the KDL, the KD-XL is made of durable, chemically resistant ¼ inch natural polypropylene and features built-in screen supports and a perforated drain. The KD-XL is an excellent addition to any screen room.

Weight: 94 lbs. Ships UPS


A washout booth is the foundation of an efficient dark room, and the WDX is Blackline's top of the line washout. Constructed of easy to clean, welded polypropylene, the WDX series is precision-built and features built-in screen supports, scrubber hooks and a full ceiling and splash guards to help minimize over-spray.

The WDX comes standard with a fully backlit, semi-transparent polypro back panel that makes viewing screens easy, and the perforated drain prevents tape from clogging the waste system.

Weight: Approx. 202 lbs. Ships LTL


While a washout booth is essential in maintaining an efficient screen room, the disposal of ink and emulsion by-products is critical. Waste solids have the potential to ruin plumbing, septic systems - or both.

Blackline's solution to this problem is the Filter One, an under-sink filtration system that utilizes a dual-tank design to trap ink and emulsion solids before they reach the outflow. The Filter One hooks up to your present plumbing, and when used with biodegradable and environmentally friendly non-toxic cleaners, discharge from the system is drain safe. It's extremely easy to operate and fits neatly under any of Blackline's washout booths, making a cost effective waste management system.

Weight: 97 lbs. Ships UPS


Blackline's Mini Diptank is perfect for screen printers reclaiming or cleaning a smaller number of screens. The Mini is built of the same 3/8-inch polypropylene plastic and includes a removable lid and screen frame hold down. Additionally, the Mini comes with an integrated pedestal that helps the tank hold its shape when full, and elevates it high enough to allow the spigot to drain screen cleaning chemicals. The Mini fits 4 to 5 screens.

Crating fee not included.

eight: 58 lbs.

Dims: 37 x 24 x 13. Ships UPS.


Dip tanks have enjoyed huge success since being introduced several years ago due to their ability to recycle screens quickly and easily removes ink and emulsion or screen images when used in conjunction with the new one-step cleaners on the market. Blackline's large Diptank is built of 3/8-inch welded polypropylene and holds up to six standard size screens. Comes standard with screen hold down, exterior supports, a lid to minimize solvent evaporation when the system is not in use and a spigot for easy draining of solvent.

Crating fee not included.

Weight: 94 lbs.

Dims: 40 x 29 x 16. Ships UPS.


This revolutionary product is in response to an increasing number of requests from screen printers to develop a product that can remove ink and strip emulsion in one simple, effective step. Eco friendly One-Step Clear works great! In one textile printing shop they recycled 50 screens a week for eight weeks all with only five gallons of concentrate! Not only is it super easy to use, it's economical, too! It's a labor saving, money saving innovation for reclaiming screens that you are going to want and need!

Available in 2 gal, and 5 gal. buckets. Ships UPS.

Neutralizer to make one-step drain safe is also available.

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