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Screen Printing Electric Dryers

RANAR designs and manufactures the Turbo Jet-Star series Infrared Jet Air Textile Conveyor Dryers ,for the Screen Printing Industry. There are 9 Models DT-422, DT-422-3, DT-633, DT-633-3, DT-633-4, DT-844, DT-844-3, DT-844-4, and the DT-844-5. They are configured as 24, 36, 48, and 60 inch Teflon coated fiberglass belt widths and options for silicone or stainless steel belts. Triple walled insulated tunnel lengths of 4, 6 and 8 feet and conveyor lengths of 8, 12, 16 feet. We offer Custom conveyor dryers, available in many sizes. Our Silk Screen Dryers are designed for production and are very energy efficient. The Turbo Jetstar series dryers utilize jet-air recirculation system and powered exhaust with a damper to control the precise amount of air exiting the dryer. This promotes proper curing and drying of plastisol, water based, two-part epoxy, and solvent–evaporative based inks or coatings. Substrates such as textiles, t-shirts, plastic, metal, glass can be processed. We have a Conveyor Dryer to fit any size Screen-Printing Shop or application. We use only highest quality color-blind electric infrared heaters and components and incorporate many features that other manufacturers charge extra for. RANAR quality, efficiency, and production rates are the envy of the industry.

Industrial Infrared Jet-Air Combination Conveyor Dryers

RANAR manufactures custom Conveyor Dryers that are used in pad printing and/or silk screening of promotional products and ad specialty products; industrial drying and curing; and coating applications such as electronic circuit boards, flexible films, touch screens, ceramics, glass or plastic bottles, and solar cell manufacturing processes.

Water Base and Discharge ink Drying – Electric Convection Drying

Screen printed water base and discharge inks require hot air and heat, to properly dry. The Turbo Jet Star uses a large volume of hot air produced by electric radiant infrared heaters directed onto the conveyor belt to achieve high production convection drying of these inks. Our unique jet air system re-circulates air inside the oven. Also included is a powered exhaust with a adjustable dampener, to assist in the evacuation of air moisture build up. Our electric conveyor dryers have respectable outputs in comparison to gas dryers with out the initial higher costs. The production capability of these dryers, would greatly enhance any of our silk screen shop packages.

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  • High Performance IR Panels
  • All Digital Solid State controls for accuracy and reliability
  • Triple wall insulation insures maximum energy efficiency
  • Jet Air system- Air Knife recirculation  insures maximum efficiency
  • Fully Adjustable Heat panel height,  to allow a wide variety of substrates to be cured
  • Powered Exhaust to extricate vapors and moisture
  • Crowned Belt Rollers for accurate belt tracking.
  • Modular conveyor allows extensions of 4-6-8 feet.
  • Fully variable belt speed 0-35 fpm.

Optional Features

  • Solid Decking
  • Bottle Height
  • Digital Tachometer
  • Stainless Steel Belt


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