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Primo Screen Printing Complete Shop Package

The Primo screen printing shop package, our #1 Seller and best value by far, is a complete shop package and can get you started printing t-shirts right out of the gate. We at Ranar, have put together a screen printing package that starts with 6 Color 4 Station manual printing press and ends with a high production conveyor dryer. The vacuum screen exposure unit allows you to burn your screen images with ultraviolet light. The washout booth is used to rinse out a photo emulsions post exposure, and can be used for stencil reclaiming as well. Screen print up to 6 color designs with the V-6400 Vista series II screen printing press. This press has 4 rotating stations beneficial for flash drying and increase speed of production. The D-162 infrared flash dryer is used to gel the ink before printing a second layer on dark garments. The CS-4000 Curestar infrared conveyor dryer has 24" wide belt and is 8 ft long and can cure plastisol silk screen printed ink fast at up to a rate of 220 t-shirt per hour. To round out this shop package we include a complete set of silk screen printing supplies.

Primo shop package

  • V6400
  • CS-4000
  • XPO-2331
  • D-162
  • Washout booth
  • Cruiser supplies pkg.

Upgrade Options:

  • #1- Aluminum Platen Upgrade
  • #2- DT-422 Turbo Jetstar Upgrade

Cruiser Supplies Package:

  • 1 Gallon All-Tex FF White plastisol ink
  • 1 Gallon All-Tex Black plastisol ink
  • 1 Quart All-Tex Ultra Blue plastisol ink
  • 1 Quart All-Tex Scarlet Red plastisol ink
  • 1 Quart All-Tex Lime Green plastisol ink
  • 1 Quart All-Tex Lemon Yellow plastisol ink
  • 1 Gallon Saati Textile PV Photopolymer emulsion
  • 1 Franmar Textile Eco Friendly Starter kit
  • 10 Aluminum Screen Printing Frames 20"x24"
  • 14" Wood Squeegees
  • 2 Gallon Ink Scoops
  • 4 Quart Ink Scoops
  • 16" Aluminum Scoop Coater
  • 1 Pack White Test Pellons (50pcs)
  • 1 Pack Black Test Pellons (50pcs)
  • 1 Pack 8.5"x11" Ink Jet Film (100pcs)
  • 2 Cans Spray Tack Adhesive
  • 1 Can Screen Mesh Opener
  • 1 Roll Screen Tape
  • 1 Temperature Gun
  • 1 Training Download file