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The complete Cap printing Attachment allows you to do a single color silk screen print onto the cap of your choice: hat, baseball, trucker, etc.
Includes 1 Ranar Cap Holder, 1 Cap Screen, 1 Cap Screen Holder, and 1 Cap Squeegee. Buy extra cap screens and holders to be able to print multi color designs, Fits Ranar presses. May fit others screen printing machinery 1.1/2 x 3.0 Arm tube. Please inquire.

Weight: 20 lbs. Ships UPS.


The cap holder includes the press mounting, a contoured platen to create the best cap printing surface, and a kick leg to help keep your cap in place during printing. Designed to fit Ranar t-shirt printing presses, may fit others manufacturers' presses, please inquire.

Also available are different size aluminum cap platens. Only for use with Ranar Cap Attachment.

Weight: 10 lbs. Ships UPS.


The cap screen holder has an L-shaped mounting which fits into the screen clamp of Ranar presses' in place of a traditional screen. Distortion free silk screening of caps the holder has a curved guide to fit the cap screen and conform to the curved surface of a cap for.

Cap Screen sold separately. Only for use with Ranar Cap Attachment.

Weight: 10 lbs. Ships UPS.


8" x 4¼" overall; 6" x 3 5/8" printable area. Flat screen, flexible to fit Cap Screen Holder. Available in multiple meshes, please inquire.

Weight: 1 lb. Ships UPS.


CapMax, made by workhorse products. This cap printing press is the ultimate multi color cap screen printing system capable of printing from simple to the most extreme designs on the widest variety of caps, including 6 panel caps. CapMax uses a curved platen and screen that follow the natural shape of the cap.

Please inquire about shipping information.


The Ranar Number-It Athletic Screen Printing Numbering System attaches to any screen printing press.
This is an easy way for a t-shirt printing shop to add sports team number printing at an affordable price.
The number printing attachment works with a pin registration system. It comes with a master frame that has stainless steel pins, which allows the aluminum screen frames which has plates with holes that allows it to drop onto the pins of the master frame. There are 10 frames which can be exposed with the number stencil and size of your choice 1 - 9 and 0. We also include a small screen rack for easy storage of these screen frames and squeegee rack to hold your squeegees that attached to the side of the rack.
How To Create Athletic Number Printing Screen Stencils

  • Create your style of the number font and size with Photoshop or Illustrator, and then Output film positives.
  • Screen prep: coat screens with emulsion, let dry in an appropriate light safe room.
  • Place the screen in an exposure unit with the film positive (it exposes like a regular screen frame) and rinse out the image to create numbering stencil.

The one color sports numbering system works like this, If your silk screening a single digit you take that screen frame from the rack with the number desired and then place it on to the pins located in the center master frame then screen print and return to rack. For a two digit numbers, let's take for example the "22 ", take the number 2 screen frame from the rack, place it on the left side of the master frame on the pin located to the desire distance between the numbers to be printed squeegee the ink onto the jersey, and then move to right side of the master frame and repeat the process.

Two color number printing system consists of 1-master frame, 2- racks, 20 aluminum screen frames.

Since the number printing system attaches to any t-shirt printing press you can now screen printing numbers onto jerseys, team uniforms, t-shirts, textiles and garments.


For many printers, athletic numbering of sports team uniforms and jerseys is a large part of their business. The Inline Technologies Number Printing Machine could be just what the printer ordered.

The number screen printing press is constructed from tubular steel, which forms a sturdy base. One screen is attached to the press in the standard clamshell fashion, the second screen attaches to the press in a horizontal fashion on nylon rollers. Both screens are pre-registered and exposed at the factory. The pallet is attached to the press via a support arm on rollers, this allows the pallet to be rolled under the number you want to print. In addition to the two ready-to-use screens that come with the press, you can purchase additional screens with dozens of numbering styles and sizes.

Please contact us for crating, and shipping information.


This is a simple easy way to print multi-color nylon jackets. It works by simply sliding the frame over the jacket and pushing down around the shirt board. The rubber on the frame grips and pulls the jackets tight. Ideal for printing bulky athletic jackets, nylon hoodies and other hard to hold garments. Available in 14x16 and 16x18.

Weight: 5 lbs. Ships UPS.

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