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24 capacity weld screen drying rack is adjustable and can hold screens frames between 20" and 25" made of power coated steel. Whether used to store unused screens, exposed screens before use, or covered to allow coated screens to dry before screen exposure, this screen rack is a must in any t-shirt or graphics printing shops pre-press room. Casters allow for easy movement around any shop.

Crating fee not included.
Weight: 77 lbs.
Ships UPS. Oversized.


Used in silk screen shops or dark rooms, the knockdown rack is redesigned for easier, more affordable shipping, this assembly-required knockdown rack is made of galvanized steel and is virtually a twin of the original welded screen rack.

24 capacity screen rack is adjustable and can hold screen frames between 20" and 25".

Whether used to for storage, exposed screens before use, or covered for coated screens to dry, this screen rack is a must in any screen making room; can also be used in ad-specialty printing as drying a rack for trays of plastic pad printed items. Casters allow for easy movement around any shop.

Crating included.
Full one time assembly required.

Weight 60 lbs. Ships UPS


13 screen capacity job cart allows screen printers to stage multiple jobs before heading to the press. With a 24"x 26" tray to load up inks, squeegees, blockout, spray adhesives etc., this job cart can hold screens up to 24" wide and is open on the front and back to accommodate for longer screens. Casters allow for easy movement around any shop.

Crating fee not included.
Weight: 60 lbs. Ships UPS.


Screen making and printing at higher, uniform tensions provides faster production speeds, improved registration, longer screen and squeegee life, more consistent ink deposits and lower ink usage. The patented Accu-Stretch provides these benefits. Pneumatic screen stretcher 24", 36'', 48'' wide x 36", 48'', 60'' long manufactured by WORKHORSE PRODUCTS.
This product stretches silk screen mesh to 30 Newton's and holds it so glue can be applied to screen frame.

Other sizes available. Please ask.

Please contact us for crating, and shipping information.


Epson inkjet printers are used to produces film transparencies for screen printing. The film output of the Epson 1400 printer allows you make high quality opaque film positives and art separations to burn screen images in house. Combined with rip software to produce darker halftones and four color process designs.

Please contact us for shipping information.


The emulsion scoop coater has two unique coating edges at a perfect angle to deliver proper application of emulsion onto screen meshes / screen coating. It can also be filled without hand-holding. Available in multiple sizes. Precision-extruded aluminum trough and molded polycarbonate end-caps; includes full cover to protect coating edges from damage.

Weight: 3 lbs.
Ships UPS.


This affordable tool allows you to coat a perfect screen each time without a scoop coater. The 6" emulsion spreader helps you reduce costs by allowing you to coat only the areas you want to coat and helping you remove excess for re-use. Generally considered a beginner's weapon of choice, the handy emulsion spreader has gained the preference of many veteran screen printers.

Weight: 1 lb. Ships UPS.

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