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DX-100 Table Top Silk Screen Econo Conveyor Dryer

The DX-100 is a table top conveyor dryer that can cure screen printed plastisol inks at 110 t-shirts per hour. Great upgrade for home based screen printing businesses. The conveyor is 4 ft long and 24 inches wide with an 18 wide high temperature Teflon coated fiberglass belt. A solid state speed control regulates the belt speed. The belt can be tracked and tension can be adjusted with 2 simple bolts on the exit end of the conveyor. The insulated 16 X 16 inch 1600 watts infrared heat panel has an analog adjustable temperature control. No hot and cold spots with our quality even heating panels. The heater can be adjusted from 3 to 7 inches and can angle for curing caps. The conveyor dryer operates on 120 volts and requires 20 amp services. A Nema 5-20 plug is supplied. Some assembly is required. The conveyor is assembled from the factory but the customer must assemble the oven box and position the heater into it. This unit can be assembled in approximately 30 to 45 minutes. The DX-100 is the perfect scre en printing dryer for mobile and on site events.

High density even heating panel

Options :

  • 220 volt
  • Legs
  • Wheels
  • Assembly

Shipping :

  • UPS Ground
  • Dimensions and Weights:
    1 box 53x30x9 53 lbs
    1 box 24x24x10 27 lbs

110 shirts per hour Dependable – Affordable