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The spectrum series ultraviolet curing conveyor system By Ranar mfg. is used in the drying or curing of screen printed, pad printed, or spray implicated U.V Inks, adhesives, coating, and finishes on plastic, wood, glass ,metal, and promotional products or flat stock sheets. The irradiator houses an air cooled polished reflector, and a 13" inch long 3600 watt mercury vapor ozone bulb which has adjustable focus for products up to 2" inches high as well as entrance, and exit gates. A vacuum holds light substrates flat to the 18" wide u.v resistant Teflon coated fiberglass conveyor belt. The Ranar Spectrum 12 is 5ft long and 24" wide with 14.5" inch entrance and exit. This small U.V dryer's power supply and conveyor are combined, on 3.0 casters so it's portable and easily moved to work stations. It operates on 220 volts at 19 amps.

U.V Pad Printing Applications

The pad printing industry utilizes U.V Inks ad specialty products such as water bottles, key chains, and injection molded parts.

U.V Curing System, For Medical Applications

U.V curing applications in the medical industry are, marking, decorating, coating, and bonding. Typical products such as syringes, test strips, catheter tubes, and hearing aids can be pad printed and cured.

Industrial UV Curing

Manufacturing processes curing using a spray application of UV. Coatings, for the automotive, lighting and electronics industries.


  • Mercury vapor ultraviolet bulb 3600 watts
  • 100-200-300 watts per inch setting
  • Adjustable Focus light reflector
  • 2" height opening
  • Vacuum hold down
  • Amp meter
  • Hour meter
  • Digital Tachometer
  • Fan Cooled

U.V Dryer Controls Features

Spectrum 12 UV Dryer has many controls and features customers are looking for. The 300 watt per inch ozone producing mercury vapor bulb which is has height adjustment, and has a selector switch to go 100, 200, 300 watts per inch setting. Amp meter and hour meter to monitor lamp life. A variable speed control to reaches speeds up to 110 fpm. A digital tachometer reads belt speed in ft per minute. Over temp lamp, high velocity blower to cool the bulb and provides vacuum hold down.

U.V Conveyor Dyer options

  • Multiple bulbs
  • Ozone free bulbs
  • High UV. output Metal halide/ iron U.V bulbs & ballast
  • 400 watts per inch bulbs
  • Stainless steel wire mesh belt
  • Conveyor extensions of any length
  • I.R filters for cool U.V processing
  • Exit air cooling unit


Belt Width

Total Length
Lamp Length
Total Oven Width
Total Watts
in / cm
ft / cm
in / cm
in / cm
in / cm
in / cm
at 300 wpi
single phase

Spectrum 12

18 / 46
5 / 244
12 / 30
24 / 61
15 / 38
15 / 38
Spectrum 25
25 / 64
5 / 152
25 / 64
37 / 94
15 / 38
15 / 38