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XPO Series - XPO2848

Large Format Screen Exposure System

Expose large format graphics and textile printing screen stencils with ultraviolet black lights. The Ranar Xpo-2848 over size screen exposure unit can handle (1) 28X48 inch, (1) 23X31 or (2) 20 X 24 inch screen printing frames. Burn high resolution silk screening images using: 8 (40 watt) ultraviolet fluorescent black light bulbs that have 320 nanometers each. Use an automatic digital programmable timer to repeat accurate exposure times. With a flip of a switch you can run in manual or automatic mode.

Screen Printing Safe Lights-Darkroom Equipment

No need to rush when positioning films in the darkroom prior to exposing emulsion with our yellow UV safe viewing lights. Do to the ultraviolet light sensitive nature of screen printing emulsions; just a few seconds of UV light can ruin a screen stencil as UV light hardens emulsions to solid.

Options :

  • 8-40 watt UV black lights -Fast exposure times
  • Large format-28 x 48 inch
  • Ultraviolet safe lights -Emulsion safe
  • Digital timer -Accurate exposure times
  • Manual or automatic mode
  • Neoprene rubber blanket -Fabric reinforced to resist tears
  • Vacuum motor -Fast draw down
  • Heavy Duty Vacuum Frame
  • Frame sizes 1-28x48" 1-23x31" or 2-20x24"