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UV Black Light Exposure Unit

The Xpo 2331 large screen capacity silk screen printing image exposure unit uses (10) unfiltered black lights to make textile, and graphic screen printing stencils. Expose 20 x 24 manual or 23 x 31 inch automatic press screen frames. The Expo-series fluorescent exposure system uses a balanced UV light distribution to expose fine lines and halftone dot patterns in a snap. The most important X factor to optimal exposure quality is the positive contact between the glass, the artwork and the screen frame. Our fast acting vacuum motor extracts the air between the neoprene blanket and glass to promote the best positive contact of the film and screen mesh.

Screen Printing Emulsions

Expose dual cure emulsion in 3-5 minutes and photopolymers less than 1-2 minutes, as well as capillary films.

Options :

  • Unfiltered UV Black Light Fluorescent -Fast exposure times
  • Bright-Balanced light distribution
  • Electronic ballasts- Rapid starts & Energy efficient
  • Light safe yellow viewing lights-To position artwork
  • Digital timer-controls -Vacuum and light precisely
  • Automatic or manual mode -Flip of switch
  • Vacuum motor -Fast draw down of blanket
  • Large screen capacity-Automatic press frame 23x31 inch frame
  • Neoprene rubber blanket -Reinforced fabric-Resists tears
  • Table top or stand alone
  • Compact design-To fit any small shop
  • Gas Shock Assist Vacuum frame