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Home Starter Kit


Home Screen Printing Starter DIY Kit

The home screen printing kit gets you printing t-shirts and on many other items fast and easy. Do it yourself print t-shirts for friends, church, and family. You can even make money in your spare time at home. This setup comes with a basic halogen exposure light to burn an image into the emulsion to make a stencil that ink passes thru onto the shirt, or garment. The HB-100 hobby table top screen printing press can print one color. We include starter set of supplies to get you started. The flash dryer is used to cure the plastisol screen printed ink and must be cured as the ink will not dry without heat setting it first. Plastisol is the most commonly used ink on t-shirts as it will not dry on your screen design. It can be reclaimed for reuse too.

The home screen printing starter kit, is designed for beginners in mind and is affordable. It is also perfect for arts and crafts projects at home on wood or metal with the appropriate ink. You can get started right out of the box in as little as 1 hour and is easy to learn with the "How to print for fun and profit DVD set."

Screen Printing Kit

  • HB-100- Hobby one color press.
  • D-162 flash cure-To heat set plastisol ink.
  • Basic exposure light-to make screens stencils.
  • Home Starter supplies Pkg. - 2 screens, 1 squeege, 2 qt of plastisol inks, 1 spray adhesive, 1 emulsion spreader, I qt ink cleaner, 1 qt emulsion remover ( to recycle screen images), 10 sheet of inkjet film to make film positives for screen burning, Training DVD set.