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Screen Printing Presses

The Ranar Vista II series upgradable screen printing presses are available in many models. These screen printing presses have a wide range of accessories to compliment t-shirt printing such as athletic numbering, nylon jackets, sports cap printing, pocket printing, bags, signs, and vacuum pallets for sticker and flat stock printing. We offer many choices in screen printing press models such as number of colors, and stations depending on production needs.


  • V-4100 4 color 1 station
  • V-6100 6 color 1 station

Expandable Screen Printing Press

The Ranar V-4100 4 color 1 station screen printing press is an ideal starter press for a home business, sporting goods retailers, embroidery companies, or sampling for a clothing line. These presses have all the features one would want in a high quality screen printing press at a great price. As production needs grow, the upgradable design, allows you convert from 4 colors to 6 colors. You can add an extra fixed arm station, or add 4 or 6 rotating stations to boost output seamlessly.

Multi Color Screen Printing Registration

Multi color screen printing is achieved by lowering one of the rotating print heads that have an index key to the desired pallet. This index key glides in between the dual roller bearing system. This ensures the same pin point location of the screen frame from color to color while printing a t-shirt, garment, or textiles. This index key and dual bearing system will maintain registration throughout the print run without the need to adjust and re-adjust. The dual bearing system holds up to the repetitive use with-out wearing down.

Vista Series Standard Features

  • Life Time Limited Warranty
  • Fine Movement Micro Registration Knobs
  • Easy Visual Micro Registration Zero Reference Point
  • Easy Finger Tip Adjustable Compression Spring Tension
  • Accurate ¼ Steel Key With Dual Roller Bearing Registration System
  • Off Contact Adjustment/ Lift Stop Knob
  • Screen Angle Adjustment Knobs
  • Adjustments For Uneven Screens
  • Tools Free Adjustments
  • Quick Change Pallets Wood/Formica Tops
  • Station Pallet Leveling Strut
  • Station Arm Pallet Location Ruler
  • Leveling Feet
  • Expandable, Extra Colors And Stations
  • Smooth, Effortless Rotation With Heavy Duty Tapered Roller Bearing
  • Large Center Shaft Design
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Multi Station Location Adjustable Detent Indexing Pin
  • Powder Coated Hammer-Tone Blue
  • Manual Standard Size Screen Frame 20" X 24"

Aluminum Pallets Quick Change System (optional)

Quick change aluminum pallet system is compatible with M&R, and workhorse Products automatic presses.


  • Side Clamps
  • Casters
  • Aluminum Pallets
  • Pallet Top Rubber
  • Baseball Cap Attachments
  • Number Printing Attachment
  • Jacket Clamp
  • Vacuum Platen
  • Custom Platens
  • Adjustable Squeegee Rest
  • Quick Release Pallet System Compatibility With Automatic Presses Inter Changeable With M&R, Workhorse Products Presses Pallets