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Screen Printing Press Single Station

The newly redesigned Vista Series II single station screen printing presses are designed to grow with your business. The most important piece of screen printing equipment in your shop is the press producing screen printed t-shirts. You want a quality press to help you start your business as well as to rely on for many years of service without replacing. No bolting to tables or working on bench top as the Vista Series II is an industrial floor model screen printing press that produces professional multi colored designs on t-shirts, garments and bags. Ranar has manufactured affordable manual screen printing presses for over 40 years, so you can trust in the build quality of our equipment.


  • V-4100 4 color 1 station
  • V-4400 4 color 4 stations
  • V-6100 6 color 1 station
  • V-6400 6 color 6 stations
  • V-6600 6 color 6 stations

Upgradable Screen Printing Press

The Vista II series screen printing presses are designed to grow with your business to produce high quality prints. Don’t waste time and money on a silk screen printing press that quickly outlives its purpose sooner than expected. Start with the affordable entry level V-4100 4 color 1 station, which can easily be upgraded or converted to 6 colors and you can add extra station, or 4 or 6 rotary stations.

Micro registration

Micro registration come standard which allows for fine precise movements of the screen frame. This is beneficial for quick color to color set ups. The visual reference is built in assist in zeroing out the micro registration.

Roller Bearing Registration System

With any quality screen printing press an accurate registration system that will not wear or requires constant adjustment is one of the most important factors when purchasing. No need to worry with the Vista II series presses as they use ¼ steel keys which glide between 2 roller bearings without wearing out. This system holds pin point registration color to color throughout production runs.

Bearing Rotation

Smooth independent bearing rotation of the upper carousel of colors and stations in a multi station configuration help to reduce operator fatigue and increased production.

Compression Spring Advantages

Easy finger tip adjustment of the spring tension. With a compression spring there is no need to worry about breakage as with competitor presses that use springs that stretch, brake or require the need to add more springs to increase tension. Compression springs have longer life.

Multi Station Press Advantages

To increase overall production and under base flash curing.

Vista Series Standard Features

  • Life Time Limited Warranty
  • Fine Movement Micro Registration Knobs
  • Easy Visual Micro Registration Zero Reference Point
  • Simple Finger Tip Adjustable Compression Spring Tension
  • Accurate ¼ Steel key With Roller Bearing Registration System
  • Off Contact Adjustment/ Lift Stop Knob
  • Screen Angle Adjustment
  • Adjustments For Uneven Screens
  • Tools Free Adjustments
  • Quick Change Pallets
  • Pallet Station Leveling Strut
  • Station Arm Pallet Location Ruler
  • Leveling Feet On Each Leg
  • Expandable, Extra Colors And Stations
  • Effortless Rotation With Heavy Duty Tapered Roller Bearing
  • Large Center Shaft Design
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Multi Station Location Detent Indexing Pin
  • Powder Coated Hammer-Tone Blue
  • Manual Standard Screen Frame Size 20" X 24"

Aluminum Pallets Quick Change System (optional)

Quick change aluminum pallet system is compatible with M&R, and workhorse Products automatic presses.


  • Side Clamp
  • Casters
  • Aluminum Pallets
  • Pallet Top Rubber
  • Baseball / Sport Cap Printing Attachments
  • Athletic Number Printing Attachment
  • Jacket Clamp
  • Vacuum Platen Flat Stock Printing
  • Custom Platens
  • Adjustable Squeegee Rest
  • Quick Release Pallet System Compatibility With Automatic Presses Inter Changeable With M&R, Workhorse Products Presses Pallets